Home School Planning – The Worries, Fears, and Concerns

education and home concept - stressed student girl with books


Planning a home school year has always been something of a stressful situation for me. Now that we’ve taken 1+ years away from home schooling due to mounting hardships and stress it’s even worse! I’ve spent weeks feeling lost and uneasy about what direction to move in. Having to bring up an excessive number of curriculum boxes from their storage space in the basement and unpack them into the new office didn’t help matters.

All of that brings me to where I currently am- still unsettled, feeling fearful of making the wrong decision about bringing them home, fear of failing them –on my knees in prayer about the Lord’s will. Once I come to peace about the direction I should walk in I will take the road he leads me to. Till then I need to leave it all be and find His peace. It’s a very difficult lesson for me as I tend to try to control everything I can. It’s simple though, cannot, and should not make this decision alone. So, I won’t.

Prayers for peace, comfort, and understanding…